Deeper than our velour lounges, brown crockery and Formica sideboards

The Aunty Ed's Story

The Sunday family dinner was almost sacred.  

We’d spend the day at my Aunty Ed’s – a place so familiar it was like a second home. We’d eat, drink, laugh, and play. And the memories we made? They’re the ones I’ve held on to. That became the vision. 

We worked tirelessly to recreate that ‘at home’ feeling, sparing no detail in recapturing the spirit of my Aunt’s home – from her dedication to velour and tasselled lampshades to her love of tapestry and gorgeously-gaudy kitsch. And in doing so we’ve created a space celebrates everything that made yesterday so incredible – open arms, good food, and great company. 

“A hidden gem! This place has great music and a lovely vibe, all the staff was super nice and the food was great!”
— Skye


Everything we do is driven by you

We believe in friendly, caring service, treating others as we wish to be treated, and celebrating everyone’s right to be individual. And it’s more than just words.

English not your native language? No stress – being multilingual is one of the perks of having an incredibly diverse team!  

Need catering for specific food intolerances or dietary requirements? With a chef that’s celiac, we get it and are completely flexible – no hassle, no fuss.  

Want a restaurant and bar where you feel free to be you? You found it.  

And with an interior overflowing with more kitsch than your Great Aunts’ loungeroom, we honestly do hope you feel at home. 


Remember that time?

When we felt at home? Talked more than we texted? And unapologetically enjoyed good food and great company?  

Aunty Ed’s mission is simple – to take you back there. 

Food that comforts the soul.  

Real conversation that comforts the heart (or inspires, entertains, seduces… totes your choice!). 

And all in a place that’s just… comfortable. 

Once you’ve been, you’ll forever be chasing the dragon of a pure Aunty Ed’s hit. (Just leave any pretentiousness at the door, lest Aunty Ed throws you over her knee.) 


It's damn tasty

With a nod to the authentic ingredients and flavours of old, our menu is so much more than old-school burgers, crispy fries cooked to golden perfection, and thick, indulgent milkshakes better enjoyed with a spoon than a straw. 

Embracing modern favours and using the latest techniques, the Aunty Ed’s menu is all about quality ingredients and food that’s truly comforting. And our kitchen is happy to work around dairy and/or gluten intolerances, dietary requirements, or any specific needs.

When was the last time you called your Aunty?

Better yet, invite her to dinner.